Freshworks has acquired India based IT orchestration and cloud management platform Flint, to expand on the customer engagement services it provides to businesses around the world. The move was stimulated by the rising needs of customers among the COVID 19 pandemic, which has pushed most of the working class into their homes.

Newly appointed Freshworks CPO Prakash Ramamurthy told TechCrunch that while the company was already planning to expand its platter of services, Coronavirus incentivized it to make drastic changes, as early as possible. Its plans of refining its  IT services (ITSM) and operations management (ITOM) capabilities have now been fast tracked, with many businesses operating remotely throughout the world.

Freshworks’ Freshservice already helps organizations optimize their IT services and operations. The company plans to plug Flint’s intelligent automation and cloud computing capabilities to Freshservice. As a result, it will now leverage intelligent automations to efficiently provision IT resources, rapidly remediate business-critical incidents and automate workloads using out-of-the-box connectors to many of today’s popular service providers including Microsoft, VMware, Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Slack, OneLogin and Okta.

The company will not only aim to make remote work easier, but it will now try to eliminate some of the work altogether. This will be achieved by automatically solving common IT issues by automating menial tasks, thus transcending the tag of an elementary alert management system.

“Like many companies today, we felt the pressure of today’s remote environment as we went from 13 workplaces to 3,000+ home offices in a matter of days,” said Prakash Ramamurthy, CPO at Freshworks. “IT automation is vital to help accelerate the transition to a remote workforce and resolve service issues faster. With the addition of Flint’s intelligent automation, Freshworks takes the legwork out of tedious, repeatable tasks so IT teams can focus on high impact work while providing an exceptional employee experience.”

However, remote working tools ins’t the only area that Freshworks hopes to capitalise on with this acquisition. Flint has managed to gain accolades for its cloud management services, something that Freshworks sees a huge market for, because of the increased demand on cloud servers caused by work from home directives.

Flint is Freshworks’ third acquisition this year, including Natero Inc., which added customer success to Freshworks’ customer engagement portfolio, and AnsweriQ Inc., which bolstered the capabilities of Freddy AI, the company’s artificial intelligence engine.