If you thought that a single board computer with lots of connectors wasn’t already cool enough, this news will change your opinion. Raspberry Pi is a company that has garnered fame for its compact (and we mean REALLY compact) computer devices, especially the Raspberry Pi 4. The company is bringing more RAM on its flagship device, a decision that the company has thanked the dropping prices of chips and RAM for.

The Raspberry 4 was already awesome when it was announced. Based on its looks, it had a stark similarity to its previous model Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+(though, how different can two single board computers can look?). However, it was the first model that came with the option to increase on the 512MB or 1GB of RAM, by offering more expensive versions with 2 or even 4GB of RAM. The base version came with 1GB of RAM at $35.

However, due to dropping prices of RAM chips as the chip market continues to fall, the company has reported that building variants with higher RAMs has become cheaper and thus, the company will sell the 2GB RAM version at the base price of $35.

That being said, the 1GB version will still be available at the same price, for people who are using devices that are compatible with that version, or if you are already planning to use multiple 1GB variants for a project.

The 4GB variant has sustained its price and will still come with its original price tag of $55.

Raspberry Pi launched at the same price of $35 eight years ago, a device that has come leaps and bounds since it started. The computers now come equipped with WiFi chips, more memory, better speed and has the ability to replace desktop computers for light users. The device started as a fun way to teach kids how to code, but has come a long way since then.