There was a period in time, when we saw rapid shrinkage in size of high storage hardware. The rapidness has been such, that we have now reached a point wherein our smartphones have more space and computing power than the Apollo 11 computing system.

Now, it seems, we are entering another period in time. And this time, its rapid increase in the “megapixel” count of smartphone cameras.

It started with those humble little VGA cameras that the famous Nokia devices used to flaunt. They were a piece of technology art, they were “the” fashion. Then came in these megapixel, photographer specd cameras. And with each year, we saw the megapixel count and precision of these smartphone cameras, go up rapidly.

Looking to take that count to a level never heard of before, Xiaomi has now announced that it is soon going to debut a 100MP camera setup on an upcoming smartphone that the company plans to launch. The details were announced in a rather quietly done event by Xiaomi, wherein the company revealed two new smartphones, a 64 MP Redmi device, and a 108 MP unnamed device.

According to details coming in via XDA developers, Xiaomi’s Redmi sub-brand claims to be one of the first brands in the world to launch with the new 64MP Samsung ISOCELL GW1 sensor. This sensor from Samsung packs in 38% more pixels than a 48MP camera, which Xiaomi claims will help users capture brighter, vibrant and more detailed images.

While Xiaomi gave out full details about its 64 MP camera setup, the company dropped a teaser on its Weibo channel for the 108 MP sensor. Ironically, the company will be using sensors from a brand it fiercely rivals — i.e. Samsung — to make the 108 MP smartphone a reality. This sensor produces images with a whopping resolution of 12,032 x 9,024 pixels.

Rumors suggests that this sensor will be used on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Considering that Mi Mix phones have been all about large screens and great cameras, rumors could well be true. We will wait for the launch to corroborate that.

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