The Internet Trends Report, the most significantly anticipated slide deck in Silicon valley, is back. Mary Meeker gave presentation at Code Conference 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona on Tuesday.

It was back in 1995, when Meeker generated first report of such kind which gave an overview of the technology trends on the cyberspace.

Bond Capital founder and former Kleiner Perkins general partner Mary Meeker presented a massively comprehensive (as it always is) 333 paged slideshow, which touched almost every important internet trend in 2018. The “Queen of the Internet” covered significant statistics in the presentation made and it also anticipated about what to expect in the 2019, taking these trends into account.

Key points of the report

  • About 3.8 billion people were internet users in last year, accounting to 51% of the world population. .
  • Internet ad spending increased by 22 percent in US and the major market share of the same is acquired by Google, Facebook while Amazon and Twitter are also getting a growing share.
  • About 15% of retail sales is via Ecommerce platforms, its growth has slowed down when compared to previous year data.
  • 7 out of the 10 most valuable companies globally are tech-related while three are non-tech based companies.

    Berkshire Hathaway
    Johnson & Johnson

  • Tech giants like Apple and Facebook are being impelled for instituting more privacy. In addition, there are many obstacles for targeted advertising including the GDPR impact and other such regulations.
  • The three basic amenities: food, clothing and shelter may suggestively add internet as the number of hours one is spending on the internet has been swelling. Americans are spending about 6.3 hours a day on digital media. Most of the growth has been coming up from mobile phones and other connected devices and on the other hand, time spent on computer has been declining.
  • People communicate via images backed by faster wifi and better camera pixels which encourage people to take photos. More than half of the media shared on Twitter inculdes images, videos or other such content, although Twitter used to share text-only type of media.
  • Concerns for privacy has been ever increasing, the social media websites are expected to come out with the solutions to provide space for privacy and safe communication.
  • First- or Second-generation immigrants were founders of many valuable tech based companies. They provided employment to about 1.9 million people in the last year. However, tech companies are likely to be negatively impacted due to stricter immigration laws.
  • Internet is becoming corrupt, as it enables amplified sharing of problematic content, which is difficult to remove completely on the internet, the very nature of the communication via World Wide Web. Teenagers have experienced internet bullying, terrorist are being radicalized on sites like YouTube and many more.
  • Digitization is also including Health Care, whose share is expected to grow. On-demand consultations are anticipated.
  • Customer acquisition cost has been increasing. It may not reap the desired benefit as sometimes the amount spent on lucrative marketing, may exceed the long term revenue. Meeker suggested for cheaper ways to lure customers including free trials and unpaid tiers.
  • Interactive gaming has been becoming more popular as the number of gamers increased to 2.4 billion people, a 6% growth.

We will continue to derive more insights on the report as we delve deeper. Watch out the space for more.

Here’s the report in its entirety:

Internet Trends 2019 by on Scribd