The main necessity for every digital device user is the guarantee that their devices are secured and that their data is private to only their eyes unless they decide otherwise.

Unfortunately, privacy issues are just getting worse and worse each day. From Facebook’s leaking private information about its users to being able to access another persons google drive data.

Just today, journalist Pratik Sinha took it upon himself to display the real horror of how easy it is to access someone else’s private information. He decided to display this via hacking the Prime minister of finance and shipping, Pon Radhakrishnan’s google drive to gain tredning documents that contained vital information.

Sinha explained the process of how he hacked the drive and clearly stated that he was able to access the document through a whatsapp group chat that is run by members of the party after infiltrating it. He said that there was no security such as restrictions or locks to prevent changes either.

Viewing such an incident from the standpoint of the security in India, this proves to be quite dangerous for the future of the Country. If just a journalist was able to successfully hack into a politicians private documents, then what would happen if the same event but on a larger scale that would have a larger impact happened?

Another staggering thing to take into consideration is how, when the content that Sinha uploaded on the twitter of the politicians was posted, there was no reaction to it. Only when Sinha went public with his results did they realise and take down the posts.

It is very easy to hack into someone else’s social media but when such incidents take place on systems that have even more stakes on them, the security of such systems should be reflected on as this incident just proves how easy it is for these well-trusted programmes to be exploited so easily.

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