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It just isn’t turning out to be the right year for Tesla, and the company will be more than eager to let this pass asap. While its stock continue to tank and Elon Musk continues to repeat his tax credit promise, Electrek now reports that the company has over 3000 Model 3 units left in its US inventory.

The Elon Musk run electric-car maker has been trying to convince buyers to make use of the federal tax credit. Musk himself has gone out on Twitter several times, reminding them that the benefit would drop to half beginning 2019. Despite all those efforts, there has been no spike in consumer interests, hence resulting in the left out 3000 Model 3 inventory.

According to Electrek’s report, the automaker aimed to liquidate every car in the US, but a source familiar with Tesla’s retail operations says that the company still managed to build some inventory. Tesla is expected to deliver some of those vehicles today, on the last day of the year, but sources familiar with the matter don’t think it’s possible for the automaker to go through the whole inventory.

And all of this has resulted in yet another disappointing day end for Tesla on the Wall Street. The electric car maker’s shares fell nearly 2 percent after the report.

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