Google has today announced a brand new shopping experience for all you, who spend quite some time sifting through offers and products on multiple ecommerce sites. 

The new experience, dubbed by the search giant as ‘Shopping Homepage’ gives a more personalised experience to users, letting them easily filter through offers, review prices from multiple retailers and find the products they are looking for. This new shopping experience is available across several Google products: a made-to-browse experience on the Shopping home page, the Shopping tab on Google Search and in Google Lens. For retailers, Google has expanded the Merchant Center to Hindi.

The new ‘Shopping Homepage’ is a made-to-browse destination for shoppers to search across multiple product categories, and browse products from thousands of retailers. Multiple features, which were till date available via Chrome plugins from various developers, like price drops and a collection of the most popular products on Google have been added. The experience will also be available as a Progressive Web App (PWA) for users with entry level phones.

Apart from this dedicated shopping experience, there are several other e-commerce focused improvements brought in by Google. The ‘Shopping Tab’ in Google Search will now allow users to post queries in Hindi and English and show product lists, local store inventory and review prices from across multiple retailers.

Style Search in Google Lens is an all-new visual approach to find products such as clothes, furniture, and home decor, by simply pointing the Lens app.

Talking about these new feature launched, Surojit Chatterjee, Vice President – Product Management, Google said,

More than 40 million Indians are coming online every year, and search is an integral part of their online journey. From seasoned desktop shoppers to first-time users with entry-level smartphones, we hope this new shopping experience will make finding what people are looking for just a little bit easier.

For retailers, Merchant Center, a Google offering where shop owners can upload and store inventory and other relevant shop data for Ads, has been improved. So far, the Merchant Center has been only available in English. Starting today it is expanding to Hindi. Retailers can now also use Merchant Center to upload product details so they can appear across Google, without paying for ad campaigns.

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