Recently, Facebook hosted ‘Creators Day’ in Mumbai, an event which unites video creators from all over the country, in order to educate and create awareness about the company’s efforts to help them manage their presence, engage fans, and build a business on the platform.

At the event, Facebook announced its support to Indian content creators with the introduction of multiple monetization tools. The company has opened ad breaks to all qualifying video creators, enabling them to earn money.

With the introduction of this new tool to the Indian content creators, they will be earning 55 percent of the revenue generated when the user watches the video ad on their videos. It will be available for eligible partners in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, and English.

Paresh Rajwat, Head of Product for Video, Facebook, said,

The biggest trend that Indian digital industry has witnessed in consumer behavior is rapid growth in the adoption of video. We’re seeing consumer videos exploding on our platform and today, video has become one of the biggest drivers of engagement growth on Facebook.

Ad breaks can only be included in long-form videos with a length of three minutes and more. While ads will be placed at natural breaks in content to create a better experience for the audience, creators can always choose their own placements or turn off ad breaks for individual videos.

Facebook has also announced ‘Brand Collabs Manager’ tool that will help brands find creators to collaborate with for branded content opportunities on Facebook. Using this, creators can quickly create a portfolio so that brands can learn more about them and get in touch for partnership.

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