Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has come up with a brand new pair of earbuds. The company has reportedly launched a pair of wireless earbuds that resemble Apple’s AirPods, but are significantly less expensive at just $30.

Xiaomi is quite unabashedly calling its earbuds as AirDots, and from what we can see, the AirDots bear an actual resemblance to the AirPods. First spotted by Engadget the AirDots are apparently exclusive to China at the moment.

With a $30 price, it is fair to assume that the sound quality on the AirDots won’t be anywhere near the AirPods. However, that’s the beauty of business. Xiaomi knows that there are more people who can not afford the AirPods, than those who can. By creating a similar product, Xiaomi can now cash in on all hype that Apple created with the AirPods.

What’s more, Xiaomi’s product is targeted towards Android, which means that it can potentially sell a lot more of its AirDots, as compared to the AirPods. Of course, a lot will depend upon sound quality but Xiaomi is known for making fairly decent products despite their low price points and as such, it is very likely that the AirDots are at the very least, okay.

The AirDots can provide you with 5-hours of listening on a single charge, and with their chargeable storage box, you can have your music up and running for as long as 12 hours on a stretch.

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