Vimeo is a pretty interesting platform. The company has now decided to amp its “interesting” quotient further, and has added a partnership with Brooklyn-based Looking Glass Factory, that will allow it to “combine volumetric video with a medium that can display the content without a headset. ” I know, I know, that’s a lot to take in but, I promise to explain everything shortly.

The Looking Glass Factory hardware is pretty unique, and its construction allows it to display holograms that are basically a 5×9 grid of a 3D scene, where each view is through a slightly different angle.

Here is how a blog post on Vimeo, explains the looking glass concept:

Using a patent-pending combination of lightfield and volumetric display technologies, The Looking Glass generates 45 distinct views of a three-dimensional scene at 60FPS.

In layman’s terms, this means that as you move around the Looking Glass, your eyes are exposed to different sets of 3D information, creating a life-like, 3D experience for groups of people without the need of VR or AR headgear.

The hardware will basically bring content out of headsets, and onto your table. This means that multiple people will be able to view the same content at the same time.  This setup appears to have piqued Vimeo’s interest, which has initiated a partnership with the Looking Glass Factory through its Creator Labs group.

Speaking on the topic, Casey Pugh, Vimeo’s Creator Lab head said:

We focus a lot on trying to make these things accessible and web-first. I think the problem with volumetric video right now is that it hasn’t been very accessible.

The partnership between Vimeo and Looking Glass Factory has the potential to change this. Of course, this is a small step on what would essentially have to be a long road. But between Looking Glass Factory’s hardware and Vimeo’s dedicated channel for volumetric content,

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