Sony PlayStation Classic

Following the footsteps of Nintendo, Sony is bringing back its original PlayStation console, which will come with 20“genre-defining” pre-installed games. The console, which has been now officially announced, costs $100.

The Sony PlayStation Classic will launch on 3rd December, which is the same day the console first arrived in Japan in 1994. It will be 45 percent smaller than the original machine, and comes with two smaller replicas of the pronged controllers and an HDMI cable to plug into modern television sets.

The 20 pre-installed games include classics such as Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3Ridge Racer Type 4Jumping Flash, and Wild Arms. However, the company has not yet released the full list of games.

The console comes with a virtual memory card which allows players to save their progress without the use of the little grey memory gadgets that came with the old console.

There’s a possibility that the Sony PlayStation Classic mini console will have a competitor as Nintendo is rumored to release a Nintendo 64 Classic, which will take the gaming scene back to the nineties.

The Sony PlayStation Classic is launching in Japan, the US and Europe. It will be priced at $99.99 in the United States and £90 in the UK.

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