The digital landscape is undoubtedly changing as it is becoming more of a haven more fast transfer of data and information and also as a means for entertainment. The recent technological advancements propel the change and transition of major industries into becoming
more user-friendly.

One of the best examples of this fast is what’s happening to online casinos. Online casinos are growing in a very fast pace as a result of the skyrocketing popularity of casino apps on Android and iOS devices.

A recent study states that the global online casino market will grow by a whopping 11% every year until 2020. Its $37 billion generated in 2014 is also a concrete evidence of how profitable this niche is. And that’s just what Aspire Global did. It grabbed the opportunity and turned its
online casino platform, Karamba, into becoming more mobile-friendly with the help of the incorporation of HTML 5. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Karamba: The Future of Online Casinos

Karamba is one of the best online casinos where players from around the globe can choose from a huge collection of games. From table games to slots, and live dealer games, it really has all sorts of online casino games. Whats best about it is that there’s no need to download and install an app on your device. But how did it do that? Well, thanks to HTML 5.

Now, Karamba can run on any device or OS, be it iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows 10, or even the lesser known Sailfish. It features different games that are originally from its main website. Now, it can be accessed through any mobile device. Karamba incorporates the use of the latest technological
advancements into its platform, and that’s what makes it stand out among other online casinos. Evolution Gaming and NetEnt are the major tech providers of Karamba. They are the ones that enable players to simply access the online casino’s game by typing it out in a mobile browser’s
search bar. It’s as easy as that.

Knowing More About Aspire Global’s HTML 5 Improvement on Karamba

Karamba has just undergone a complete overhaul in hopes of becoming a more responsive, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly online casino platform. Now, Karamba boasts superior navigation features, display interface, and a host of new bonuses and promotions. This makes it a more interesting and enjoyable place to play online casino games.

But what makes this possible is its incorporation of HTML 5 into its platform. Whats great about having HTML 5 in Karamba is that there's no need to manually install plugins to enjoy the casino games. This also makes Karamba playable in different devices, be it desktops, smartphones, or tablets — all without any signs of reduced performance.

Its smooth as silk, is what most users say. Aside from those things, the capability of Karamba to seamlessly run video clips, animations, and multimedia data is what makes its games become better-looking and more enjoyable.

Its gamers are now revamped, where those previously crappy-looking games are now stunningly gorgeous thanks to its capability to run 3D animations Gone are the days when there are lags or stuck-up screens because with Karamba now running HTML 5, the whole online casino experience on mobile just went to a whole new level.

Quality games from NetEnt can now be played with everyone. And it's not just about the aesthetics and performance because the payout has become higher than ever with some games even reaching to millions of dollars. Jack and the Beanstalk, Gonzo’s Quest, and Starburst are just some of the games that shows how immersive Karamba has become, thanks to its HTML 5 upgrade.

Responsive Web vs Native App, Aspire Global Chooses the Latter

In order for us to see where Aspire Global’s current situation stands, its important for us to know why its current platform is superior to other online casinos. The answer to that has something to do with native apps. Apart from native apps, most online casinos run on the responsive web.

Responsive web is the use of a web design that can adapt to different screens. It is an all-in- one design that assures your website will look good on whatever device you access it with. Though its easier to have a responsive web design, Aspire Global didn’t choose it. Instead, it took the path of native apps.

Native apps, on the other hand, is a better option from responsive web. This is because they are specifically tailored to run on a specific OS. In simpler terms, they’re not "generic", unlike responsive web.

It still has a responsive design, but it assures a better user-interface and user experience thanks to its smooth and streamlined performance. Plus it enables the development team to easily improve and develop more features to it in the long run. This makes progress easier.

So by putting together HTML 5's native app design and superior responsiveness feature, you come up with a great-looking and outstandingly-performing online casino that is Karamba.

Karamba Experiences Drastic Improvements with HTML5

So how does this HTML 5 upgrade stack up to mobile devices? Here are some of the reasons:

1. Less Reliance on Internet

The native apps design present in the HTML 5 upgrade of Karamba makes users less dependent on having an internet connection to use the online casino. By simply downloading the app, users are able to access the entirety of Karamba. It’s even referred to as “the best of the online and offline world.”

2. Improved Performance

Loading times are drastically improved and sped up with the help of the native apps. This makes Karamba run much faster than ever before, making it as one of the best (if not the best) mobile casino apps out there. Not only is it faster, but it’s also much lighter as it takes up less storage space, and provides an impressive user experience.

3. Safer and More Secure

Then there’s the element of safety. Karamba’s HTML 5 design assures the users that they’re not exposed to hackers. There is no third party intervention involved, making the whole online casino gaming experience very secure.

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