Facebook’s video chat is pretty cool.  I used to be a WhatsApp fan for video calls, but the reactions, filters and masks available on messenger have simply won me over. Video chat tends to get boring after a while and these new masks, reactions and filters are sure to spice things up for you.

So here is how it works. You simply initiate a chat and during the course of the chat, you tap on a button to bring up either reactions or filters. Choose your favorite filter or reaction and watch as it turns the mundane into magical. It is actually more fun then it sounds and you can combine it with your facial expressions to share a good laugh with the person at the other end of the chat.

There are also a slew of new stylistic filters that will provide your video footage with different hues. I didn’t have occasion to use it yet, but hey, bring out the blue in your eyes. Just so you don’t make a mess, you will be able to preview the styles before you start sharing the video with your buddies.

The company is also introducing a slew of augmented reality products into the game. This includes stuff like shooting stars, falling hearts and so on are sure to make your chat that much more expressive.  What’s more, these effects are all dynamic and react to your movements.

Messenger is also introducing a new button into the mix that will allow you to quickly take screenshots of memorable events taking place on your screen. This saves you the trouble of having to remember the exact key combination and then press it while also awkwardly attempting to stay within the camera.

All these new features are certain to make messenger that much more fun for its users. I really feel that Facebook is doing a tremendous job with the app. There was a time when many people were criticizing the company for creating a separate app for its messaging service. However, with all that is on offer now, messenger more than justifies its existence.

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