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Amazon is reportedly working on a brand new service that would allow developers to translate content into multiple languages. This includes both applications and websites. And the tech that would make this possible for Amazon’s clients would be based on the company’s own products.

Amazon already has a significant ensemble of products in its arsenal. And a lot of them are based upon the premise of machine learning. Now, translation services also form a key part of the company’s services. However, the idea of using them in this form is fairly new and we will have to wait and see if it is a success.

The tech could come in pretty handy, for instance, in providing multi-lingual versions of client products to users. Clients on the other hand, would be dependent on Amazon’s technology but, would also be saved a truck load of trouble when expanding their services to different regions.

Amazon is coming fairly late to the translation game. Rivals Microsoft and Google already have a bustling translation based ecosystem. Google has already started bringing its own neural network based translation to bear on developer;s behalf as well. Meanwhile, Amazon’s exploits in the field appear to be driven b its acquisition of Safaba a couple of years ago.

Safaba it should be remembered, was a machine translation startup. So it is but natural that Amazon boosted its expertise in this direction with this acquisition. The company has been deploying the startup’s technology to offer variants of its own website in different languages. The company has also recently started a competition in association with the Heidelberg University, wherein it will encourage the development of machine translation platforms.

It sure seems like the company has set its mind to developing a presence in this niche as well. After all, if it is to battle with Microsoft and Google for dominance over the cloud, it is but natural that it should have multiple services in its arsenal.

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