Lyft is rolling out a series of improvements to its application that will enable the company to drastically reduce the trouble faced by drivers on their beats. The company will now start offering pickup suggestions in the latest versions of its iOS and Android applications. The suggestions will kick into motion when the rider could actually save some time by going to a spot other than the initially agreed upon pick up spot.

The important distinction to bear in mind is that while the service is expected to benefit both drivers and riders, it has been rolled out with a focus to the latter. So it will activate only when the rider actually saves some time by walking a bit. So, say your driver will have to come through a jam or a traffic light to get you and the situation can be totally avoided if you were to walk a few steps.

In such a situation, the app will offer you suggested locations you could walk to and get your ride come and pick you up faster. Of courses, you can still choose to not walk and get picked up at the original location but most of the times, you will reach your destination faster if you just do what the app wants you to do

The app will also tell you exactly how much time you will save by walking and will take all the variable factors into account. This particular feature is something Uber introduced a couple of years ago and it is only now that Lyft is emulating its competitor in introducing them to its service as well.

The service is rolling out in all the market Lyft operates in. Uber uses green dots to tell riders available pickup spots. Lyft will likely use something similar if not identical. Keep an eye out for the feature once you update your application.

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