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When two great companies launch a similar product, it is but natural that they will compete against each other and often be compared. Amazon did get an early bird advantage however, there are now other companies into the game as well. The company’s Alexa powered devices are leading the market when it comes to volume however, a recent research suggests that things might be otherwise on the basis of performance, at least where Home is involved.

Ad Age has revealed a study with some very interesting findings. The company used a proprietary software to ask both Google Home and Amazon Alexa as many as 3,000 questions. And the results of the study suggests that the Google Assistant managed to best Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant by almost 6 times. 

Yup, that is true folks. Google’s voice assistant performed undoubtedly better than Alexa – a fact which is being attributed to the different training methodologies. While Google has vast reserves of its own knowledge base to call upon — knowledge sourced from years worth of search – the latter has to depend upon information and content partners to source its data.

True, there are more products available for use with Alexa as compared to Google Home. However, Google Home does appear to be a tad more accurate when it comes to products both of the speakers are connected in. Eventually, both the companies will improve and the one which improves and patches it weaknesses faster, will have a greater chance of coming out on top.

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