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YouTube has come up with a brand new content format. Called VR180 this format is basically made to appeal to video producers and creators who want to go for 360 degree videos but are araid of complications. To put it simply, this is one half of a competely spherical video.

The thing with 360 degree videos is, that we don’t exactly make use of 260-degree content. After all, we ain’t got eyes in the back of our heads and as such, we usually only look at the quadrant which is right in front of us. To cater to all these questions, as well as any other that creators may have up their sleeves with regards to VR content, YouTube has decided to come up with this new format.

With VR180, it is not as complicated to set stuff up and capture videos. And creators don’t even have to change their production techniques. They can deploy all the methods of a usual shooting routine and come up with videos that while not completely 360-degree, still give the viewer an extra experience.

Check a sample out, right below:

So basically, here is the deal. You get to create videos that don’t require to change your production tactics and you come up with content which while not true 360 degree, is still something else. The content would be available on Cardboard and Daydream, as well as the Playstation VR YouTube application.

YouTube came about with this brand new format in association with Google. Or more accurately, Google’s Mobile VR division. Daydream is already working with the likes LG and Lenovo in an attempt to get a certification for a camera dual lens point and shoot device, that can aid in creation of this ontent.

These particular devices will start launching in winters and from what it seems like, could well challenge companies like GoPro.

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