Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Gmail and many other social media sites have become an integral part of our lives.  In this day and age of rapid digitalization, Social Media plays a pivotal role.  However, there is a constant fear of our accounts being hacked and all our personal information becoming public.

Here are 5 tips to make your social media account as secure as possible :

Change your password regularly

This may be a tedious job for some, especially the ones who already have difficulty in remembering their passwords, but changing the password regularly is a great way to secure your account. Since dormant accounts are easily hacked, By changing passwords regularly, there is very little scope for your account being hacked

Choose an Alpha-numerical password

Sometimes, people choose lengthy passwords to secure their account, but a password however lengthy, can be easily hacked if it has similar characters.  Always choose a password that contains letters and number. Such passwords are difficult to crack

Keep an eye on spam mails

Do not click on a URL that is sent to your mail by unrecognized sources.  The best thing to do is to delete them.  This, in fact is a very common hacking technique. If you open your mail and click-open a suspicious website chances are that your computer may be infected with virus or the hackers may have an access to your important information

Do not forget to log out

This is the most common mistake made by almost all social media users. Try not leaving your accounts open by staying logged in even though you are not using the account.  Always log out properly after you are done visiting your social media sites.

Visit recognized sites only

Since internet is an open platform for everyone to create their own websites, it is important to create accounts on sites that are recognized and verified.

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So, make use of these tips to secure your social media accounts and continue exploring your favorite social media sites without worrying about your accounts being hacked.

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