Now that is one enviable sum. Lyft drivers have cumulatively received over half a billion dollars, or 250 million dollars in tips. That is more than what some prominent startups raise in funding, or even, what many startups value themselves at. And yes, it is also more than what Uber drivers may have received over the years

So Lyft’s in-app tipping feature is the main factor here. Unlike Uber, Lyft offers its passengers the chance to show their appreciation.

What’s more, the company also keeps sharing these figures so as to ensure that other drivers are also able to see the potential of the extra earnings that can come their way through tips. Of course judging by the number of riders that Lyft has, tips wouldn’t have made millionaires out of them however, this could have made them some substantial extra income — particularly the nicer ones.

The company’s tips metrics are also a testament to the client satisfaction its drivers are able to provide to their customers.

The company announced the first $200 million around two and a half months ago, meaning that it made the last 50 million in around two months. Now that is pretty damn impressive. This could be due to a couple of reasons including Lyft’s improved footprint in the US and, the fact that Lyft has rapidly been gaining market share in the country following Uber’s PR fiasco.

Lyft will now also start showing a slew of new pre-tip options that will let users tip more and consequently, drivers receive more. Now when the fare is above $25, you will see $2, $5 and $10 tipping options instead of $1, $2 and $5 choices. Albeit, you will also be able to provide custom tips to your drivers. However, people often tend to just tap one of these options based upon what they think of their drivers on the spur of the moment.

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