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Microsoft has announced a series of new features that are making their way to it Outlook for Mac 2016 for Office users. The updates pack quite a punch and among other things, will allow you to do stuff like scheduling your e-mail, tracking message delivery, getting read receipts and so on.

I know you are excited but the changes won’t roll out all at once. So for instance, some of the newer additions will be transmitted through Microsoft’s Office Insider program while many others will be directly sent to users. Let’s now take a detailed look at what Outlook 2016 has to offer.

First up is scheduling delivery. Outlook offered an approximation of this feature on Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 through the Delay Delivery program. This particular feature is available in the options menu in messages. Now though, you will have a new “Send Later” feature that will allow you to schedule a mail to be sent later from right next to the send button itself. Simply click, wait for the drop down, pick your date and time and voilà!

The company has also added support for read and delivery receipts. So similar to WhatsApp or other IM solutions out there, you will be able to know if your message has been delivered and read by the person at the other end of the conversation. However, there is a catch. People receiving the e-ail from you can chose to decline the read receipts.

Also included is support for e-mail templates. And you now gain the ability to turn e-mails into either tasks, or calendar events as per your preference. Simply drag the e-mail to either tasks or the calendar and watch the subject take the place of the heading in both.

Finally, you will no longer be required to put on your thinking cap to decide whether the e-mail service you are using is POP or iMAP. This is one question what has scared many a people from setting up Outlook on their systems. Now though, the system will decide the same automatically. And if it detects you using a particular mail of your Office 365 services, well, it will also ask you if you want to associate with Outlook too.

Well, it can’t get simpler than this. The features are rolling out to users as we speak. However, Send Later may reach some users by July


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