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Instagram has been testing  brand new feature called archive that would have allowed users to hide their posts from users for either a certain duration of time or even permanently. The company has now announced that it is rolling out the feature to its users across the globe.

So how do you archive pictures. Well, first of all go to the picture you want to hide. Next, tap a three dot button that you will notice a button on the top right corner of the picture. Tap the button and lick on the archive option that comes up to hide the picture Whether you hide it temporarily or indefinitely however, is entirely up to you.

You can also choose to visit the archives anytime you want. From within, you can also chose to unarchive a photo and “show on profile”. Or, if you wish you can leave it as it is and use the folder as a personal archive for yourself.

This feature could help you in a host of ways. For instance, you may have uploaded a lot of pictures with a particular friend on Instagram, but then, you may have found yourself in a fight with them. What now? Do you delete all those pictures? Well, what if you get back with them someday? All your memories together will be gone right?

Well, assuming that you can control the excesses of anger and can keep hold of some reason, you can archive the pictures with Instagram instead of deleting them. This would allow you to restore them on the off chance that you manage to resolve your differences with the said friend.

This is of course, a single use case scenario. There are many others. For example, you could use the feature when you plan to take a break from social networking. The feature is kind of similar to Snapchats memories with the only notable difference being that the latter will allow you to directly place images inside the folder.

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