Dropbox has made an update to its admin panel, with an eye towards streamlining processes and making the whole dashboard experience better for its business users. By business users, we are referring to the 200,000 or so people who require more advanced controls and better analytics.

Dropbox wants to make sure that its business tier users get the best of everything. Towards that, it has embarked upon an AdminX initiative which seeks to give the business tier users a superlative experience when it comes to the company’s admin dashboard.

So first up, the company has taken up the admin console and totally redesigned it. This not only makes it simpler to use but also equips it with a slew of advanced features. Along the same, the company has also allowed its admins to manage the amount of time employees can stay logged. They can now also control the exact files that can be accessed with a slew of new session control features.

Dashboard admins can also link the accounts of certain suers with subdomains so as to grant them specific privileges and the ability to access their company’s Dropbox account.

Finally, Dropbox users can also create and update passwords for its platform. This isn’t a particularly hifalutin feature and all that the password generator will do, is that it will make sure that the users setting passwords have to conform to a specific set of parameters. This will prevent them from weakening the security of the platform by creating passwords like their pet name and stuff. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

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