At the E3 2017 press conference pre-show, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced PlayLink, a PlayStation mobile app that is primarily aimed at non-gamers. Instead of sitting idle and passively watching your friends play games on the PlayStation, you can now use your Android or iOS device and be a part of the gameplay.

This release will allow you to be a part of several kinds of games and you won’t even need a gamepad. The developers will now be able to create their games involving collective decision making between players, as well as integrate private information, into the game as it now has a mobile component.

This strategy previously didn’t make sense, especially if one is simply looking at a TV screen. The said development is also expected to make PlayStation games more accessible as it will use a touch interface — something that almost everyone is familiar with today.

Two games that are going to allow this new function are That’s You, which is releasing on July 4th and Hidden Agenda. That’s You is a quiz game created by Wish Studios and will require you to connect your mobile phones using PlayLink. The app will then allow each individual playing the game to enter inputs to answer questions about other players or draw photos of each other. This game will be available for free to PlayStation Plus members for a limited period of time.

Hidden Agenda was created by the Supermassive Games is a more adventure based murder mystery game in which everyone has a hidden agenda. Players must once again link their mobile devices using PlayLink and combine their efforts to solve mysteries in the game. Hidden Agenda is expected to be released sometime later this year.

Other games that are a part of the PlayLink collection are Frantics, SingStar Celebration, and Knowledge is Power.

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