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Sony has managed to sell over 1 million PlayStation VR headsets

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Sony has managed to sell off over 1 million units of its VR headset. The same was announced by Sony’s Asia chief on Wednesday. He also said that the relatively low price point the headsets were going for could have been responsible for this performance.

Speaking on the topic, Atsushi Morita, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia, said:

Sales of the PlayStation VR headset, released in October, have exceeded our expectation.

He added:

We are boosting production and a supply shortage should be solved accordingly.

A lead at this stage is very important, as it means that the company will well placed to obtain the lead in a rapidly emerging market. And as is the case with such niche markets, a lead obtained at the early stage could well be sustained into the future as well.

Sony of course, has certain inherent advantages. The company has a significant lead in the gaming niche. It’s PS 4 console alone has over 60 million users. And the PS 4 is all the extra equipment that the company’s VR headset needs. And that the console at $399, is cheaper than Facebook Inc’s $599 Oculus Rift and HTC Corp’s $799 Vive, helps as well.

And VR will only grow for the foreseeable future. As developers create newer apps and companies come up with newer hardware, VR will go mainstream. And Sony is poised to take advantage of the trend with its VR headset.

I believe that VR technology is the (greatest) innovation since the birth of television. VR allows you to travel to World Heritage sites or to space while staying at home. It’s like a time machine or a door to anywhere.

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