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Some Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners have come across a bug that is preventing an efficient Google search on Pixel Launcher. As per a discussion on a Reddit thread, first spotted by 9to5Google, the search pill on Google launcher has become completely non-functional.

The users mentioned once they open the pill the search history does not appear in the widget, neither do the suggestions load when a query is entered. It seems to not work at all, as after pressing enter the search is not carried at all and hence, they do not see any results

Few owners noted that the Google command, ‘Ok, Google’ is not working on their handsets. Some of them reported that the bug was fixed when they restarted their phones, while for some rebooting helped but the problem eventually came back after a while. Other users resorted to force stopping or killing Pixel Launcher and Google app to address the issue.

This bug is said to be caused by the version 7.1.1-3862848 update to the Pixel Launcher. However, we are unsure whether the bug is due to the recent update, or if it is arising because of some bug in the main Google app instead of the launcher.

Since the issue came to the light, more people have joined the thread to discuss the same, asking and sharing suggestions. Google hasn’t addressed the issue officially yet.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL was launched back in October last year and the owners of the smartphone have been complaining about several issues every now and then. The series of problems began with Bluetooth pairing, connectivity, and users have reported microphone failure and even erratic software freezing. Google will soon be releasing new Pixel devices in the coming months, however, it really needs to

Google will soon be releasing new Pixel handsets in the coming months, however, it really needs to work more on the devices to provide people with smooth and efficient smartphones.



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