Unlimited cloud storage comes in handy when you want to keep your smartphone, memories or per se, the whole life backed up on the Internet. Your wish to make this a sureshot reality has gotten a little expensive as Amazon has today put an end to its unlimited cloud storage option for Amazon Drive. It, however, did not come for free and you had to shell out $59.99 per year for the same.

But starting today, Amazon will ask people signing up for Amazon Drive will be able to select between two different storage tiers, i.e 100 GB for $11.99 per year and 1 TB for $59.99 per year — with a limit of up to 30 TB. And even if you don’t sign up for any of these paid plans, you will still receive 5GB of storage for free.

The e-commerce behemoth had launched theUnlimited Everything plan back in March 2015. It included the following two plans — $11.99 for unlimited photos and $59.99 for unlimited storage. Google had launched its own unlimited cloud storage option around two months after Amazon did and still continues to offer the same.

While the unlimited storage option has come to an end, the deal still remains pretty beneficial for Prime subscribers — at least they will have at least have unlimited access to Prime Photos. So, you may still have the option to continue to stash away your memories using a photo trail. The said storage option is generally used to store photos and videos– an unlimited option for which is available within Google Photos.

Though Amazon hasn’t formally announced the updated cloud storage options, the F.A.Q page on the company’s website highlights the change. It states that the unlimited cloud storage alternative has been put down and you’ll now need to pick from the remaining two storage plans.

Amazon is now providing options for customers to choose the storage plan that is right for them. Amazon will no longer offer an unlimited storage plan.

Instead, we’ll offer storage plans of 100 GB for $11.99 and 1 TB for $59.99, up to 30 TB for an additional $59.99 per TB. Any customer that signs up for storage with Amazon automatically gets 5 GB for free, and Prime members receive free unlimited photo storage.

Under the new storage plans, the e-commerce giant has now decided to offer one terabyte of cloud storage for the same top dollar it was offering unlimited storage until date. This means you’ll now only receive 1 TB of storage when you shell our $59.99 for one year of subscription. If you need to increase the capacity then you can pay the same amount — $59.99 per TB per year,  but only up to 30 TB of storage space.

Amazon Web Services, as we all know, is one of the most prominent public cloud service providers and this makes its cloud storage plans fall in line with its competitors. Tech giants like Google, Microsoft and other have been charging for extra storage for several years but Amazon wants to beat them at their own game by keeping the prices fairly nominal.

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