AT&T has a brand new streaming service called DirecTV Now. And unfortunately, the service isn’t doing quite as well as you would expect it to. However, AT&T is not giving up quite yet and has said that it is now bundling DirecTV with it’s Unlimited Choice plan for only $10 more.

In the long run, this could help the company pull in more subscribers though of course, it also means that the company won’t have much in the way of profits. From the larger picture though, this could allow the company to generate more profits and give it an edge over competitors.

This particular promotion was available earlier as part of the AT&T’s unlimited plus plan. So basically, that plan saw the company offer unlimited data, talk and text, high-def video, plus 10 GB of Wi-Fi tethering per phone. However, speeds slowed down after 22 GB of data usage on every line.

The unlimited choice plan on the other hand, required you to shell out $60 per month and granted access to standard video and max speed of 3 Mbps in addition to unlimited talk, text and data. Now though, you can pay another $10 and receive access to DirecTV Now. The service isn’t particularly awesome and doesn’t have any accompanying bells and whistles however, when you are spending just $10 — that is a pretty good deal.

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