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Red Hat, which was once recognized as one of the prominent Linux enterprises, is now shifting its focus towards cloud-based apps development and containerization. That’s so very true and the organization has, hence today announced that it will acquire its long-running partner Codenvy as part of its developer tools strategy. It has currently signed an agreement with the cloud firm and hasn’t disclosed any financial terms as of yet.

Codenvy is being picked up by Red Hat because its collaborative cloud app development suite, which is built using the open-source Eclipse Che project. The open-source project has became of prominence to the Linux enterprise’s software development strategy in the past couple years. To top up Kubernetes, the company introduced Red Hat OpenShift earlier this year and it relies heavily on the Eclipse Che framwork. Thus, it has decided to work alongside the team who built the same to further develop its platform. The blog post mentions:

With the acquisition we plan to incorporate Codenvy into future developer tooling built for Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat’s award-winning container application platform. This further enhances OpenShift’s developer experience and will enable developers to create container based applications across private and public clouds.

Headquartered in San Francisco, the current 50+ member setup was founded back in 2012 by a duo of co-founders namely Tyler Jewell and Benjamin Mestrallet. The company built its own cloud-based platform with the aim of providing development tools to create containers and cloud-first applications.

The company’s IDE enables anyone (be it an individual, team or an enterprise) from anywhere to come together and contribute to software/app development projects over at the website. The projects are based in the cloud and do not require any local set up to get the system running. You can kick start your app projects in mere seconds by using Codenvy’s workspace management system — containerization.

As mentioned above, it is built upon an open-source project called Eclispse Che and amassed over 100 contributors and a million usage hours per month on GitHub. It also gathered over 4,000 GitHub stars and drove 45K actives/month in the form of traffic to the primary website over the years. Codenvy helps developers reduce start time, risk of inconsistencies between environements, as well as similar tools and technology stacks accessible across the team.

This acquisition changes nothing for Codenvy’s users, customers, and partners — most likely because it is based on an open-source technology. As per the blog post, they should not experience any disruption to their operations or enterprise support services due to the same. Jewell further added that the Codenvy team would still be committed to furthering its cloud ambitions with Eclipse Che, which may soon be open-sourced via Codenvy Enterprise. Further, Jewell reiterates:

We held the view that Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift are leading the way in this space. So when Red Hat shared their container vision, our decision to join them became a “no-brainer.”

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