So, a few months ago, I was browsing the web for these headphones i needed. I did a fair bit of research, came upon one I liked, placed an order for it on Amazon, and received it a few days ago. I am happy with my headphones, however, what I am not happy with, is how advertisements for the same headphone keep jumping out at me from all over the web. Regardless of where I go, I can not shake them off and it is more than a little annoying.

However, then i thought of the person behind this ad. He is targeting someone who has already purchased the product and is clearly not interested in it any longer. This way, he is wasting both his and my time, and his resources — chasing a lead that will not turn into a lead since the past months.

To allow marketers to tackle problems like this, Google has announced a tool called Unique Reach, which will let marketers capture the number of time the same person has seen the ad. The tool will calculate views across devices, so whether you view an ad over mobile or PC, its all the same to it.

This way marketers will be able to recognize and avoid nuts that absolutely don’t want to crack, or people who for reasons of their own (like mine was having already purchased it) and shift their attention (and ads) to people that have a better chance of responding to them.

Unique Reach has been made available to advertisers from within the Adwords program.

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