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IT admins will soon find it easier to use the Chrome browser within their companies. Google has announced a new enterprise bundle to make their job easier. The bundle will provide IT admins with a single chrome installer. Also included within the bundle are  Chrome Legacy Browser Support extension for ActiveX, and a slew of policy templates.

Chrome will also support XenApp virtualization from Citrix now. Also supported will be Windows Server with Terminal services, GPU acceleration in Citrix environments, roaming profiles and Windows Server auto-detection. This is mostly it for what is included in the bundle however, Google plans to keep making new additions.

This will also mean that IT departments will be able to upgrade the rest of their organization to Chrome more easily. As unbelievable as it sounds, the IT departments of many large corporations had been forced to let everyone languish with Internet Explorer, in the absence of this bundle.

Google also said that the number of enterprise users or Chrome had doubled. While it refused to give any numbers, the company did elaborate its method of measurement of these numbers:

We account for enterprise users based on attributes of their computer configuration, such as if the machine is joined to an active directory domain and if Chrome is being managed via admin-configured and/or deployed policies.

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