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James Gosling, widely refereed to as the Father of Java has joined Amazon Web Services as a distinguished engineer. The computer science veteran announced the same on Monday, through a Facebook post.

It’s time for a change. I’m leaving Boeing Defense (nee Liquid Robotics), with many fond memories. Today I start a new Adventure at Amazon Web Services.

Gosling his highly regarded for his work with Java. It was he who is credited withe original JAVA design and the implementation o its first compiler and virtual machine. So in a way, Gosling has a part to play in all the technological advances you see around you.

Gosling left Sun Microsystems when it was acquired by Oracle in 2010 and joined Google. From there he went to Liquid Robotics, where he was working on the software for an underwater robot.

Meanwhile, the nature of Gosling’s work at Amazon is unknown. However, as the virtual creator of Java, I am sure Amazon will find ways to benefit from his immense knowledge. A field where Gosling is likely to contribute is iOT and the software involved with making these devices work, interact with each other and the cloud. There is another revolution brewing right there and I am sure James Gosling would love to help bring about another paradigm shift in technology. You must check Amazon Web services news by News Eminency.

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