When it comes to purchasing tickets to the hottest events in town, Evenbrite is probably one place you want to check. The company has been working upon positioning itself as more than a mere ticket seller and as an events manager, focusing on the overall experience for users. However, sales are still pretty important and the company believes that Facebook has been helping it boost the same.

The company sells over 2 million tickets every week through its platform. However, in an interview with the VentureBeat, Van Brunt, Eventbrite’s head of partnerships revealed that the company’s July partnership with Facebook had seen the number of people purchasing tickets directly from its app and website go up by almost 2x.

The company has so far pushed over 500,000 events to Facebook, and while no numbers were given, the strategy certainly seems to be yielding fruits.

The thing that’s interesting about [our distributed strategy] is there’s a shift in the ticketing industry. We’re bringing openness and letting anyone grab ticketing inventory. This represents a fundamental shift.

The thing with events, is that we don’t exactly plan a purchase. Say you had to pick up a smartphone — you would plan it, research it, and then go out and pick it up from a shop or order it online. In contrast with events, the process of purchase usually follows immediately behind discovery. And considering that events are usually very social, it makes sense that a platform like Facebook would be able to drive sales.

Speaking on the topic, Facebook’s events ticketing product manager Yoav Zeevi said:

Bringing tickets to the people is a trend we’ve heard mentioned repeatedly at industry events. And ticket sales are becoming more about creating meaningful relationships with people so they become followers and repeat attendees instead of simple, isolated transactions. Facebook has a unique ability to help foster those relationships and keep people engaged and interested.

Eventbrite and Facebook plan to continue growing their relationship in the future as well.

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