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Apple has been releasing some interesting advertisements for the portrait mode capabilities of its up coming iPhone 7 Plus and it is high time we had a new one out. The portrait mode feature, which lets the iPhone emulate the use of expensive DSLR camera, was recently brought to light as it was used in a barbershop in New Orleans.

Portrait mode works on the basic premise of the fact that the iPhone  Plus has two cameras. By calculating the different depth levels for all the people present in the picture, it became possible for Apple to give the illusion of DSLR like picture. And the shop owners started taking pictures of everyone who got one.

Long story cut short, people started visiting the shop to get their pictures clicked with the DSLR like camera and business started booming. Quite the fairytale ending.

Meanwhile, it seems to be if the Cupertino giant is laying down a disproportionate amount of interest upon the portrait mode. I mean sure, it is great and the ability to take DSLR like pictures is awesome but, is that all the iPhone 7 Plus will offer over its normal peer? Well, we will know for sure in a few months.

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