Microsoft is kicking off a brand new program that seeks to ensure that its Azure platform is as attractive to Independent Software Vendors as a flower is to a bee. Okay, so maybe not the most appropriate comparison but you get my point right?

At its Build 2017 conference, Microsoft announced that Independent Software Vendors stood to benefit in a myriad of ways were they to deploy their applications on Azure and then make them available through the AppSource marketplace. Were they to do so, Microsoft said that it will allow users to access the same applications through PowerApps and Flow. 

I know you are thinking “But we could already have received these benefits by upgrading to the full version of these services”. Well, herein lies the benefit to ISVs. Microsoft will allow users to access their applications through PowerApps and Flow, without asking them to upgrade to the full version of these applications first. Sweet, right?

Of course, if you don’t want to deploy your applications on Azure, you could still make them available to PowerApps and Flow users by purchasing a full subscription. Interestingly, ISV’s who use PowerApps and Flow get benefited in a lot of little ways.

For instance, if you are an ISV and you have your own software or app on AppSource, you will also receive the contact information of all the users that install your app. You can then deploy all this data through a CRM and use it to generate further leads and sales. All you need to do for this, is to host your app on Azure and make it available on AppSource.

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