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There have been rumors that Apple has been having trouble with keeping production on track with the next generation iPhones. However, there are reports that the iPhone production is well on track now and that the new upcoming devices will go on sale sometime in October.

Apple usually announces its devices in September, and they start going on sale in October. We have been observing this trend since the past few years. Meanwhile, 2017 is special for Apple considering that this will also mark the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone lineup. As such, the Cupertino giant wants to make its launch event special. The new iPhone, particularly the iPhone 8, is expected to be feature packed and some of the new components going into making these new features possible were causing issues.

For instance, the new substrate-like circuit board that is going into all the three iPhones that will be launched was also posing production problems however, things have improved now and supply has reached the level wherein Apple is confident of keeping things on schedule. The report comes from EDN, via Digitimes.

Mass production of various crucial parts is expected to begin in June, with the parts later being assembled into the devices.

TSMC will begin to fabricate the wafer starts needed for the production of A11 processes on June 10 and to deliver the chips in volume quantity in the second half of July, the report indicated.

Zhen Ding and Kinsus both have managed to improve the yield rates of SLP products, paving the way for volume production of the SLP materials in June, added the report.

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