With tech giants like YouTube and Twitter launching an all-out assault against traditional TV media content, how can Facebook be left behind? Due to the same reason, for which we’ve already been hearing the rumor mill churn, Facebook is now also planning to unveil its original long-form TV-like original video content next month. It will make its push for original programming later in June, reports Business Insider.

Citing several anonymous sources, the publication reports that Facebook is gunning to release around a dozen original shows later this month. They’ve been segregated into two distinct categories: the first being a marquee tier which includes long-form TV-like content ranging between 30-minutes or more per episode. This will be quite similar to existing ‘episodic’ content and also have a larger production budget.

The low tier, on the other hand, will be more inclined towards YouTube-type short-form content — which has already found a home on the platform. These short videos will run for 5-10 minutes in length, will have a much smaller budget and release almost daily. This could be like a daily show, which talks about news or updates about certain walks of life, thus, aligning with the idea that was discussed by CEO Mark Zuckerberg earlier this year.

Facebook’s original TV-like video content efforts to take on the content being shown on that massive piece of hardware sitting in your living room are being led by College Humor’s co-founder Ricky Van Veen. He was recently appointed as the social media giant’s global creative strategy chief. Business Insider mentions that his small team has been making rounds of production houses to pitch their 5-30 minute long-form content ideas.

It has further been reported that the company is primarily placing focus on ‘teen-centric’ shows to bring Gen Z and Gen X who’re moving to other platforms, like Snapchat or Twitter, back to Facebook.With respect to the same, Facebook is planning to release a virtual reality dating show, which will be produced in partnership with Conde Nest Entertainment.

It will not only introduce the younger generation to latest technologies but will also help them witness how it’ll help simplify certain real-life situations — here, dating. The participants will meet in the virtual world before going out on a date in real life. This original content will be riddled with new types of ad formats as well, such as the mid-roll advertisements that it has been showing to users in the middle of videos

The social media giant has been heavily banking on its video content and live video streaming strategy to lead the growth of the platform — by attracting truck-load of users. About a couple quarters back, Facebook revealed alongside an earnings report that they were at peak ad revenue and needed some new streams to alienate this problem. Now, it seems to be looking to pull away some major advertisers from television networks, to add billions of ad money into their coffers over the years.

This development comes on the heels of YouTube revealing its latest type of original content, which is ad-supported free-to-watch online shows. It has tapped A-list celebrities such as Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Kevin Hart, and Ellen Degeneres to build the shows. Twitter, on the other hand, has decided to convert its platform into an alternative for traditional TV. It plans on streaming 24-hour programming with support from partners such as Bloomberg, LiveNation, and others. Apple Music is also trying to kick-start their own original programming with Carpool Karaoke, but it is being pushed back with each passing day.

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