Facebook’s marketplace is now a tad more colorful. The company has added a slew of new stuff to the market including colorful icons and enhanced filtering.  You can access the feature via the bottom of Facebook’s application and it allows users to sell and buy stuff amongst each other.

Here are the major changes that are accompanying the new marketplace, summed up and listed for you:

  • A scrollable list of item categories is now present.
  • You can now quickly jump into a particular category of items with a single click, thanks to the individual click icons.
  • There is a brand new icon near the front of the lists that can let you discover nearby garage sales.
  • Filter sections by location and pricing, whether or not you have inserted a keyword into the search.
  • Sections and sub-sections are available to let you get in-depth and find exactly what you want to buy. So, say you want to buy a smartphone, go to electronics and then mobile.
  • More colorful icons everywhere.

The new features, including the categorization and the colorful icons are available on both the mobile and desktop versions o Facebook. The changes have started rolling out to everyone who has marketplace.

Meanwhile, Facebook has a potential cash cow there that can turn into a huge revenue stream provided that the company can make its serice alternative for all the competition out there. And competition there is, make no mistake. Forget Craiglist, there are plenty of other options also available.. However, none of them enjoys the awesome audience reach that Facebook has.

With that said, Facebook will need to ensure that users find the marketplace an appealing option. Peer to peer transactions could actually turn out into a huge business opportunity for the social networking platform and provided it can play its cards right, it stands to make a killing. For instance, there are a lot of people in developing countries who may not be familiar with the concept of Craiglist, but know and use Facebook.

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