Kooomo,an Ireland-based cloud digital commerce platform, endorsed by many leading brands across the world, is now planning an Asia expansion. It is setting up a strategic hub in Singapore to overlook its operations across the region.


Incorporated in 2000, Kooomo is an early adopter of cloud technology using a software as a service (SaaS) business model. It aimed to redefine e-commerce, turning complexity into commercial success. It aligns itself with the vision of every brand by re-imagining cloud commerce, focussing on users’ digital experiences by keeping things simple.

Recognized for implementing powerful integrations, its platform is fairly flexible, dynamic and open to third parties. It provides clients with the full stack of core features needed to manage an entire digital commerce business, including product information management, content management, to warehouse and customer relationship management.

The announcement of the Asian hub comes as Kooomo has been recognized by respected business analysts Gartner, as a world-leading platform, with entry in the “2017 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce” research report. These important developments follow another commendable year for the firm, as its customers’ online sales rose by 40%. Bollard further states,

The sky is the limit for our Asian operations. This exciting news comes in tandem with another huge endorsement for Kooomo, having been recognised by Gartner as one of the world’s leading digital commerce providers. Kooomo is the Apple of digital commerce, with a cloud platform that’s full of features to scale any business, but designed with simplicity and the end-user in mind. It’s a product tailor made for the demands of Asian digital commerce businesses.

He quoted a research by eMarketer that estimates retail digital commerce sales will increase to $4.058 trillion in 2020. This will represent 14.6% of total global retail. This is why brands simply cannot afford not to develop a strong digital commerce presence, both in Ireland and internationally. Kooomo empowers their customers to do just that. He concludes,

It really is that easy, and with digital commerce booming across, with global retail digital commerce sales due to hit $1.915 trillion this year, growing businesses shouldn’t accept anything less.

Kooomo has operations located across the world including Italy, Ireland, the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore.

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