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With Google classrooms, anyone can now become a teacher

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In a bid to open up class creation to beyond the select few, Google has announced that anyone with a personal Google account can now create new classes. This is an improvement over earlier when opening new classes required you to have a G Suite for education account.

Now, anyone with a basic Google account can set up and organize classes. What this means is that people can easily set up courses in both in-person mode, as well as remote education mode. Since everything is web based, organizing classes across different platforms is pretty easy as well.

Starting today, users can do more than join classes—they can create them, too. Over the past few weeks, teachers and students have been piloting this new feature, and they’ve already created some great new classes for adult education, hobbies, and after school programs. Below we’ll share some of these classes with you.

The feature could prove to be of a great help for folks looking to organize stuff like hobby classes, and so on. Although, if you are looking to teach something more serious, you can easily set things up that way as well. The only other major difference will lie in the fact that Google doe not use educational accounts for advertising today.

Sure, the company could find a whole host of ways to monetize this product as well, however, it is free for now. So if you have some ideas that require you to set up a class, totally go for it.

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