Nintendo has announced a new video game system out of the blue — the Nintendo 2DS XL. It is basically a 3DS XL without the 3D, with a smaller physical footprint for more portability. Priced at $149.99, the new console hits store shelves on July 28.

It has the same size large, dual displays that you find on the 3DS XL — 4.88 inches for the non-3D top screen, and 4.18 inches for the resistive touchscreen on the bottom. There’s a C-stick, Amiibo support, Z-buttons and its compatible with all of the games exclusive to the New 3D XL.

There’s a black & blue colour scheme in the US trailer above, but the handheld’s Japanese website also shows a hot white & gold number. In the U.S., the New 2DS XL will be available for $149.99 starting July 28. It is the same day as two of Nintendo’s big summer games for the 3DS family: Miitopia, and Hey! Pikmin.

It will also be available in Japan as the New 2DS LL — following the existing naming scheme for the larger 3DS. In Japan, it will launch on July 13 for 14,980 yen. In addition to the blue/turquoise model that will be released in the U.S., the New 2DS LL will be available in Japan in a white/orange color scheme.

Nintendo is also planning to launch the New 2DS XL in Europe during July, but the company has not yet specified a release date or price in that region.

The announcement of this new 2DS XL console takes place only a few weeks after Nintendo launched Nintendo Switch that is going places. But the company has made its clear that although it launched Switch, it has no intentions to retire 3DS line, at least not for the foreseeable future.

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