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Google could be planning to launch an in-built ad-blocker for its Chrome browser. Wait, doesn’t Google make the vast majority of its money fro advertising? So it does. However,  the company is now planning to trump rivals as well as third parties, by launching an ad-blocker inside of Chrome. Quite a unique strategy but Google appears to be going ahead with it now.

See here is the thing: The market is full of third party software to block ads. After all no-one quite likes having ther Internet experience marred by advertisements. Up until now, Google ended up having to enter into partnerships with different ad blocking services in order to allow its ads through. However, often this partnerships were less than savory for the software firm.

So now, the company is embarking upon a classical strategy.By giving people the ability to block ads from within their browsers, it is striking directly at ad blocking services. Sure, it will have to run in a loss initially, however, it can afford to go in loss for a couple of years This would cull the market of many third party ad blockers.

Meanwhile, this isn’t going to be easy. Regulators who ensure fair competition and Google’ own peers aren’t going to be thrilled and may even challenge the decision in the courts. However, we will have to wait for an official announcement before we get that far.

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