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Now this is going to be exciting. This is the point where the creator, is developing a hardware for his own creation, and if there’s anything that has to be perfect, it has to be this.

We are talking about Andy Rubin folks, the man who co-created Android, and is now a part — and leader — of a small team, reportedly called Essential. The startup is into building its own, high-end Android device. And today is the day, when Rubin has given a first look at the upcoming, and hugely anticipated (of course !) device.

By the looks of whatever we can have a look at in this teased pic, it is for sure, a bezel-less device. While bezel-less is not new, it’d be interesting to see Android’s creator’s take on what bezel-less should mean for Android smartphones.

There are not much details on either or the phone or the company. The startup has reportedly already raised a significant amount of funding. According to reports in WSJ, Softbank, which was looking to come in as a major investors by pumping $100Mn for a 10% stake, reportedly pulled out.

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