Amazon has been busy adding the “Send to Kindle” feature to its Kindle for iOS application. In what could well set the company up as a prospective Pocket or Instapaper competitor, users can now send stuff they find online but want to read later, straight to their Kindle application or device for perusal at a later time.

The service was already there. However, this extension brings it to within the reaches of the Safari browser which makes it that much more useful. Amazon has added some tweaks of its own to differentiate its offering from the typical Pocket or Instapaper experience.

So for instance, the app will remind you that you have some content saved up and that you haven’t read yet every time you open the Kindle app This is important because often, we tend to use the “Send to Kindle” feature copiously yet fail to read the stuff we have saved at a later date. With Kindle though, the article will be saved at the top of your Library, and will also appear on the Kindle app on any platform.

You can use the new feature by enabling it in the Safari browser’s settings. You can do that by tapping the share button in your mobile browser and then adding Kindle as one of the possible destinations. Once you actually add and open some content using the Kindle app or hardware, you would also be able to customize your reading experience by adjusting the text, font, page color and spacing.

You can also look up words in the in-built dictionary, or even search Wikipedia for the topic. Finally, you can use boolmarks in case you want to pick the book up later.

Sure, Kindle does lack several prominent features that have become a staple for read-it-later apps, such as text-to-voice. However, the company has a huge, huge audience and as such, the integration could pick up popularity sooner than you think.

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