Gushcloud has announced the acquisition of US-based social media talent management agency uFluencer Group. This deal has resulted in the formation of Gushcloud Talent Agency (GTA), a division within the company that is dedicated to the management of these social media talents.

The company, with the newly formed agency, wants to provide more opportunities for cross borders collaborations between influencers and content creators.

It is seeking to vigorously expand the existing portfolio of exclusively managed social media talents across Asia with the freshly invested resources. It also aims to facilitate the export of content and products of leading Asian influencers and content creators to other parts of the world, and similarly from America to Asia.

Gushcloud claims to have extensive networks of over 12,000 represented influencers in Southeast Asia and has offices in 7 countries. Althea Lim, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gushcloud, said,

With the inclusion of uFluencer Group and her expertise in managing exclusively some of the world’s largest beauty and parenting influencers and content creators, we are confident to launch Gushcloud Talent Agency in America and in Asia. 

Gushcloud was incorporated by entrepreneurs Vincent Ha and Althea Lim. The leading influencer and content marketing agency in Southeast Asia works with brands and agencies to engage influencers and celebrities with wider audiences on Twitter, Instagram, Blogs and YouTube to develop and broadcast compelling branded content to their fans.

uFluencer Group was founded by Kenn Henman and is known to represent some of the top social media influencers in the world, including Promise Phan, Carli Bybel, Evon Wahab, and Judy & Benji Travis. Kenn said joining the Gushcloud agency will open a gateway for their content and social media talents to push into Asia. He further commented,

We will be tapping on Gushcloud’s extensive clientele network of global and local brands and agencies to bring more brand deals to our talents. We also hope to manage and work with some of the top social media talents in Asia to establish our position as the world’s leading influencer company.

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