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Google’s in-house startup incubator Area 120 seems to be on a row here. After debuting its first-ever mobile app, exclusively on iOS, it is back with another quirky new app called Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger. Yes, this Googler-created app has a silly name and this is yet another messenger (huh..!!) — but with a particularly innovative twist. Also, this messaging client has now been made available for both Android as well as iOS users in some regions.

Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger is, as the name suggests, fun messaging client that places extensive focus on voice and emoji-based conversations. The application has a simple and intuitive interface, which shows your chats on the homescreen and the chat window only contains a microphone and emoji button. There is no messaging text box as that isn’t actually the idea behind the app. It has been designed to exchange voice messages and emojis in real-time.

You are required to sign up for Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger using your Google account. You’ll also need one of your friends (or a contact) to install the app on their devices to start a conversation. The chat interface allows you to hold down the microphone button to send voice messages, which are transcribed into text alongside the voice text — in near real time. And these messages will disappear once the audio has been heard by a user.

This transcription feature can be seen as the highlight feature of this messaging app. I’m saying this because the app not only converts your voice message into text but also recognizes each word and replaces them with a corresponding emoji. The idea sounds quite fun and fits with the app’s theme but the voice is also attached with the message to help those having difficulty deciphering the text.

Also, this messaging client has now been made available for both Android as well as iOS users in some regions. By making it available on both of these platforms, much like Allo, the Googlers at Area 120 have enabled cross-platform communication between friends. It is, however, currently accessible in a handful of regions to give us a sneak peek as the team is prepping the app for a wider rollout.

In addition, for those still unaware, Google’s in-house startup incubator program ‘Area 120‘ was flagged off by CEO Sundar Pichai last year. It allows employees to dedicate 20 percent of their work hours on projects of their own interest. This provides employees with a chance to set up their own companies, without losing sleep over their current job.

So, if you are interested in trying out another messaging app from Google, then head to Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger’s website to download the application. And do remember to comment your views about this audio-focused messaging app down below.

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