While the web has done miracles for the way we shop, brick and mortar stores still have something special about them. After all, picking up a device and interacting with it on a more personal level, is that much likelier to get you to make a purchase. Realizing the same perhaps, Apple is opening three brand new flagship stores in Downtown Miami, in Cologne and a third store in Nanjing.

The iPhone maker has been remodeling quite a lot of its retail stores of late. The company announced that it was opening its 35th remodeled store, “the beautiful Apple St. Johns Town Center” in Florida, last week. The new stores meanwhile, will all be making use of everything that Apple has learned about interacting with customers over the years, and will share the aesthetic and features common across all of Apple’s brick and mortar locations.

The Miami store for instance, will allow users to sit down and get comfy with the new devices in a boardroom and take a decision in comfort. And of course, The company’s retail stores are the place to get your hands upon new iPhones, Airpods and all other Apple paraphernalia.

The Cupertino giant’s Nanjing store on the other hand, will be catering to a population of almost 8 million situated in the Chinese heartland. It is interesting that Apple is going for a new retail store in China amidst reports of slowdown in iPhone sales in the country.

Meanwhile, Apple Stores are also in the news today because someone from the Motherboard finally managed to get their hands upon images of what is ostensibly the calibration machine that allows a new Touch ID sensor to be installed on iPhone devices that are being repaired. The machine is a big secret and half-mythical and is part of the reason why it is so hard to get the TouchID repaired outside Apple Stores. Go check it out.

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