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The Google Cloud event is on folks and towards the same, the company has announced three brand new regions for its Cloud platform. The company has announced three new hosts located in the Netherlands, Montreal and California.

The benefits of such a move are of course, obvious. Having a greater number of hosts in different locations across the world will not only allow users the freedom of choosing where they want to keep their resources, it will also allow them to utilize additional local infrastructure. This is particularly important if you are looking to decrease latency or increase the prospects of a decentralization.

With this, the list of hosts covers almost the whole globe. The company added Tokyo and Oregon to its list of regions last year and apparently, was planning to add  São Paulo, Finland, Frankfurt, London, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney soon as well.

Meanwhile, Google still lags quite a ways behind is competitors Amazon and Azure, which have almost 3 dozen facilities spread across the globe apiece. However, it is catching up all the same.

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