The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has noble and ambitious goals of making the world a better living space, free of all diseases within our children’s lifetime. Thus, it is pumping capital and building out an experienced team to support them in their initiative. The latest hire for CZI comes in the form of Sandra Liu Huang, who’ll now lead the organization’s product team.

This development was announced by Sandra herself through a Facebook post, which added that she was now “embarking on a new adventure.” She is joining Chan Zuckerberg Initiative after leading widely popular Q&A platform Quora’s product development for nearly five years. She worked on building the mobile platform, Digest emails and countless other products from the ground up. She was responsible for a team of around 120, working on Quora’s cross-functional product development process.

This can also be seen as a homecoming of sorts for Sandra as she had been a part of Facebook’s product team during the early days. She was working as the Product Marketing Manager for Google Adwords before she moved to join the social media giant. There is currently no info on what products would Sandra be working on. Here’s the complete statement posted by Sandra on Facebook:

The said personal limited liability fund has been founded by Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his spouse Dr. Priscilla Chan. But, they’re now courting individuals to build out a full-fledged company out of their initiative. It had recently brought on board Uber’s chief advisor David Plouffe to head its policy and advocacy team. Former Quip COO Molly Graham has recently joined as VP of operations as well.

The same is being done to focus on technological developments, which require an abundance of funds to keep the engine running. Zuckerberg has already backed the project with his vast personal fortune, but spending it and that too towards significant research requires scrutiny. The CZI hasn’t shared any information on the kind of products and technologies they will be working on, but it’s aggressively placing focus on alleviating disease and imparting education across the globe.

Recently, Zuckerberg announced the massive $3 billion CZI BioHub project, where he’ll be investing the said capital over the next decade to help cure, prevent, or manage all diseases. CZI has also acquired Meta, an AI-powered search engine for sifting through scientific research and data. It plans to open it for access to all very soon.

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