According to analysts at Newzoo, mobiles will not only be the dominant force in the gaming industry in 2019, it will be worth more than $52 billion. Following a 21.3% upswing in 2016, mobile gaming managed to overtake PC and console gaming for the first time thanks an annual revenue haul worth $36.9 billion.

That rate of growth was not only marked but signaled what experts believe was a turning point in the industry. With gaming content now more available, new demographics are starting to play. Unlike previous years where only hardcore gamers would camp out for the latest PC and console releases, casual players are now keen to get their hands on the latest app.

Improved Content Inspires New Players

Indeed, much of the buzz in 2016 could be attributed to Pokémon Go. For the first time since Angry Birds, a game seemed to cause mass hysteria the world over. From seasoned gamers to those who barely use their mobile for anything other than calls and messaging, everyone wanted a piece of Pokémon Go. In fact, when the stats were in, Guinness World Records ended up handing the game five world records, including the “most downloaded mobile game in its first month” (130 million downloads).

However, a single game can’t be the sole reason for mobile gaming’s recent growth and projected growth. One of the main reasons people are switching to more gaming is in fact that there’s now an entire industry built up around them.

Greater Access to Knowledge and Extras Prompts Growth

Today, players now have the ability to read reviews, earn add-ons and even learn new strategies from the top mobile gamers. For example, if someone wanted to play a mobile slot game for the first time, they could take a look on what’s on offer by reading a review site like OnlineSlots, where they’d be able to read a detailed Mega Moolah slot review – among others. By knowing this game has 25 paylines and a progressive jackpot (a prize that continues to grow), a player may be more likely to take a spin.

Similarly, if the player then wanted to know how to get the most from one of these games as well as online slots bonuses (free money to play with), they could visit an online knowledge base like Casino Bonus Online. Beyond this, a mobile player wanting to improve their skills in a certain game could watch expert strategy guides and reviews on YouTube or Twitch.

New Tech Will Take Us into a New Gaming Era

Essentially, it’s now easier than ever for novices to get into the world of mobile gaming because there’s so much support and auxiliary content out there.  On top of this, new technology is making gaming more interactive and more entertaining. Pokémon Go is the most obvious example of technology helping games appeal to a new audience. The use of augmented reality has given players a new dimension to enjoy.

On top of this, innovations like Nintendo’s Switch are helping gamers building bridges between platforms. With the ability to be a console, a tablet and a mobile gaming device, the Nintendo Switch means players can now play anytime, anywhere. In fact, this may be the future of gaming. With the mobile market booming and players seemingly in love with the medium, we could see more hardware move towards this cross-platform approach.

While that may mean the $52 billion projection for mobile gaming might fall slightly short by 2019, it would likely mean revenue across the industry as a whole would be up. Whichever way you slice it, two things are clear. Mobile gaming is here to stay and the way we play will continue to evolve and become more accessible in the coming years.

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