Google and Coursera have teamed up to launch a series of training courses aimed towards enterprises. The courses are based upon the former’s Cloud Platform and have been developed by Google experts to provide comprehensive training to the students.

The course has been created with an eye upon addressing the gap between the knowledge needed to move to the cloud, and the demand for skilled professionals. The gap is expected to grow further unless addresses, considering the increasing number of companies keen upon moving to the clouds.

Announcing the collaboration through a blog post, Google said:

We’re collaborating with Coursera, a leading online education platform, to launch a series of on-demand Google Cloud Platform training offerings. Developed and taught by Google experts, these courses range in skills levels from beginner to advanced and include topics like cloud fundamentals, operations, security, data analytics and machine learning. Now with just a few clicks anyone in the world can get trained on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Google also promised to add more courses to the catalog over the course of the year. Meanwhile, this is not the first time that the company is partnering up to provide skills to the unskilled. For example, it also has an android certification course in conjunction with Udacity.

The software giant is probably thinking long term here. The company is attempting to coerce companies to migrate to the clouds and take up its vast roster of cloud related services. However, many companies — particularly the smaller ones — are wary of making the move because of the lack of well-trained professionals. And now Google has set out to solve this very issue.

Meanwhile, Coursera is a very suitable partner. The online platform provides comprehensive lessons to students and most of the lessons from its vast portfolio of courses can be availed free of cost as well (but you won’t get the certificate). The platform currently serves well over 20 million students and this collaboration has put them right within the reach of gaining expertise over the clouds.

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